What Does This Mean to get Free

 What Does This Mean to be Free Dissertation

п»їWhat Does it Mean being Free?

" O'er the property of the free of charge and the house of the courageous! " When Francis Jeff Key composed these closing lyrics to the national anthem in 1814, he clearly understood what meant to be totally free. But do we know what freedom really means? Webster's book defines flexibility as a condition in which somebody is able to act and live as he or she decides, without being subject to any unnecessary restraints or perhaps restrictions. When the founding dads wrote the Declaration of Independence, they used this kind of definition to ascertain three basic rights to all or any Americans which are the right to life, liberty, as well as the pursuit of happiness. Each of these rules defines what it means for me to end up being free.

To my opinion, the right to existence allows me to become free and never be within the control of one other. It allows me to act or perhaps do things as I wish. Being free implies that I have the justification to speak up about how I believe about a situation. It allows me to say precisely what is on my head in a dialogue. Our nation fought pertaining to freedom of speech along with our flexibility and I believe that we should stand and claim what we consider. As Americans we have the right to disagree with the government and have interaction in personal debate and discussion. In my opinion, freedom means having freedom of choice. In my opinion everyone has the right to make a choice automatically, whether it's easy, hard, good or bad. Everyone, regardless of who they are has got the right to generate their own options because really their existence.

The right of liberty protects one's capability to think and act on their particular. To me, this implies being cared for equally which everyone is just like good because everybody else. For years and years, African- Us citizens suffered serious racism and oppression from this country and did not have similar privileges while others. Today, although racism still is out there, freedom helps to create a better society in which all can usually be treated more fairly and equally. All Americans understand that no matter your competition or ethnicity, everyone...

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