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Fresh investment by Toyota in factories in the usa and China saw 2005 profits surge, against the globally motor sector trend. Net profits went up 0. 8% to 1. 17 trillion yen ($11bn; ВЈ5. 85bn), although sales were 7. 3% higher at 18. fifty-five trillion yen. Commentators argue that this is because the business has the right mix of products intended for the markets it serves. This is certainly an example of very focused segmentation, targeting and positioning in a number of countries.

In the year 2003 Toyota bumped its rivals Ford in third location, to become the World's second largest carmaker with 6. 78 mil units. The company is still in back of rivals Basic Motors with 8. 59 million models in the same period. Their strong market position is based upon numerous factors together with a diversified range of products, highly targeted marketing and a commitment to lean manufacturing and quality. The company the large range of automobiles for both equally private consumers and commercial organisations, through the small Yaris to large trucks. The business uses promoting techniques to recognize and meet customer needs. Its brand is a recognized brand. The company as well maximizes earnings through successful manufacturing approaches (e. g. Total Quality Management).


Becoming big has its problems. The World market to get cars is at a condition of over source and so car manufacturers need to ensure that it is their very own models that consumers want. Toyota market segments most of its products in the US and Japan. It is therefore exposed to rising and falling economic and political conditions those markets. Probably that is why the corporation is starting to shift it is attentions to the emerging China market. Movements in exchange rates could begin to see the already filter margins in a vehicle market becoming reduced.

The company needs to keep producing cars in order to retain the operational productivity. Car vegetation represent a huge investment in expensive fixed costs, in addition to the high costs to train and...

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