The Problems of an American Dream

 The Struggles of an American Dream Composition

Nadia Fayad

English 91

First draft


This play is real to life, and shows all of us a man attempting to have that American desire. Death of the Sales Person is about a salesman's, Willy Loman that is certainly trying to suicide the American dream When justin was sixty-three Willy loman has lost charge of his existence or he's relationship with his older son biff. Willy's betrayal of cheating on is wife Linda, and him losing biff had lead him to suicide. biff never look include ked for his daddy the same way. Willy's guilt continues to be eating him up, and wants biff to go back the way he was.

The moment biff was young he would look up to his father. Willy had a lot faith in biff, and was going to be very effective. Willy often had excessive hopes for biff and expected him to get important. biff loved having his dad around and couldn't wait until he would revisit from his work excursions. Biff and Willy had a great romance.

Willy wished that American dream. Willy has been working additionally job for thirty-six years. Willy just would like to be something big and be known. He wants his children especially biff to look up to him. Willy cared about persons and what they thought, he wanted to truly feel important. His dream pressed Willy to being sick and also have allusions. Willy would talk to people like they were actually there, so in retrospect people were beginning to know how exhausted Willy was.

When biff was young, and had an excellent relationship with Willy, biff would come to his father pertaining to anything. Biff was declining a class in school and decided to visit his father in Boston. when biff amazed Willy, biff heard a female in Willy's room, and caught his father cheating. Biff has not looked at his father not much different from the way, and never forgave him. Biff never told anyone regarding Willy cheating, he retained this inside him pertaining to so long with no one is aware why biff has such discourage from him. Willy and biffs romantic relationship was majorly about Willy...

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