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The Pearl 04.09.2019
 Essay for the Pearl

The literary story, The Pearl, by John Steinbeck leads to a horrible disaster. However , who is to blame? The storyplot in a nut shell is basically about a man, Kino, great wife, Juana, and their baby Coyotito. In the beginning, Coyotito is bitten with a scorpion also because they were Indians and the fact that they could hardly pay for the procedure, the doctor rejected to aid Coyotito. Kino became really lucky on his paddling, finding the Treasure of the World, basically the equivalent of earning the lotto. However , at this point, everyone is after the pearl. Kino was assaulted several times simply by greedy townsmen or villagers, resulting in the first fatality. Kino and Juana run away and receive tracked by trackers, who also try to get rid of them also, though a stray topic comes and kills Coyotito. Kino and Juana come back to the town and away of sense of guilt and trend, Kino throws the gem back into the sea. Back to problem, who or what is at fault? I believe that Kino, the pearl, plus the European settlers all include most of the pin the consequence on in this accusation. The peal is to be blamed the most. " Luck, the truth is, brings nasty friends. ” (Pg 34) This is true. Kino's luck intended for the gem brought greed, tragedy, anger, and remorse. The doctor experienced lots of greed within him. The only " helped” Coyotito to find out in which the pearl is hidden. He takes advantage of Kino, who cannot read to look like a hero so he'd get paid or find out the place that the pearl is definitely hidden, " The doctor shrugged, and his damp eyes by no means left Kino's eyes. He knew the pearl will be buried inside your home and he thought Kino might seem toward the place where it was hidden, ” (pg 35). The death of 5 people, counting Coyotito was area of the horrible disaster brought by the pearl. The guilt pertaining to killing Coyotito and anger for not listening to others' safety measures will probably bother Kino's your life forever. The pearl induced so much suffering and soreness that without it, this kind of whole wreck and misfortune would have never happened. Kino is also a lot at fault with this blight. He...

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