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The Memoy Keeper's Little girl

Kim Edwards

General info:

Kim Edwards was created in upon January very first 1985, in Skaneateles, NEW YORK. She managed to graduate from Colgate University and University of Iowa. Her first novel was " The Recollection Keeper's Daughter” in 2006. It won the New You are able to Best Retailers award, her writing won many honours. Kim Edwards was also wrote a short story collection, ” The Secret Of Fire King” in 1997 and " The Pond Dreams” this year. She also taught in the east of Asia with her husband. " The Memory space Keeper's Daughter” also earned the Kentucky Literary Honor in 2005. Edwards uses amazing symbolism in all of her publishing to express the actual meaning of each and every word. Plan summary:

" The Memory Keeper's Daughter” occurs in 1964. David Henry's wife Norah is in labor during a terrible storm. In his office, him and his registered nurse have to provide the baby. Norah was given gas to sedate her throughout the labor pain. David can be stunned when he sees that his better half is giving birth to two infants. The first is a normal boy, Paul, and the second Phoebe who will be not properly healthy. David asks his nurse Caroline to take the newborn to the nearby institution since it has a birth defect. David does this to safe his wife coming from grief, but you may be wondering what he will not know is usually that the nurse Caroline Gill can raise it herself. Author's Purpose:

* Imagery-”A few flakes first, inside the dull greyish late-afternoon heavens, and then wind flow driven-swirls…” * Paradox-”A gown for my sister whom lives in New Orleans” 5. Symbol-" Bone tissues would last; it was simple for him to put his faith in anything so sturdy and predictable” * Imagery-" It's a girl”, he stated, and cradled her such as a football: 2. Paradox-" Now i am so sorry, our little daughter passed away as your woman was born” * Imagery-" She curled herself surrounding the box and wedged this into the backseat, where the pink blanket droped softly” 2. Imagery-" The lady found him sleeping for his office, his deal with was resting on his hands and this individual breathed while using light cadence of profound sleep” 2. Imagery-" The girl passed several doors, glimpsing moments of people's lives” * Imagery-" Her dairy flowed and mysteriously, Norah felt herself becoming a river or a wind” * Simile-" The disorder of the house pressed on her such as a weight, like the very sunshine had considered on compound, gravity” 5. Simile-" The lady carried Paul, as he was as lumination as a cat” * Imagery/oxymoron-" She was startled by both the darkness and the beauty around” * Simile-" David's daffodils, fragile as epidermis and almost luminous…” * Imagery/oxymoron-" The night is just as clear as day the darkness and lightweight are to both alike” 2. Imagery-" Caroline drover quickly, feeling dangerous, her cardiovascular filling with an pleasure as shiny as day” * Alliteration-" …. Her voice sounded strided, shrill, as if she…” * Simile/personification-" Strange swirling shapes, just like petrified flowers” * Personification-" Their headlights playing on the wall” * Metaphor-" Till I Caroline, startingly arrived, a bloom blooming up through snow” * Repetition-" Then absolutely, surely it had been the worst”

* Allusion-What if I could be the next Segovia? ”

* Paradox-" A moment was not a single minute at all, but instead a endless number of different moments” * Hyperbole-" It just regarding killed my own mother, burning off her” 2. Oxymoron-" But Caroline it is so bittersweet”

2. Onomatopoeia-" …The soft touch of her hands or perhaps the cooing sounds she produced when the girl was happy” * Imagery-" But having been already taking her hands in his, important them to his chest…” * Imagery-" The world was becoming clearer and steadier, and she blinked in the glowing lights” * Imagery-" An awesome line shimmered on her skin”

2. Imagery-" Particles like blackened snow, Caroline's footprints were stark and pale behind her” 2. Imagery-" This individual wore a white loath with yellow-colored ducks that Norah had embroidered …” * Imagery-".. and Norah's foot prints, those unpredictable bloody trails…” * Imagery-" He presented Norah in viewfinder, wind flow moving in her hair, her skin suntan and healthy…” * Situational...

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