SPEECOM 23.08.2019
 SPEECOM Research Paper


Identity: Jenevieve Limqueco

Date: Summer 19, 2014

Section: C36

Title: For what reason Do China Families Don't Say ‘I Love You'? Purpose: To share with other people how come Chinese individuals have a hard time stating ‘I Love You' for their loved ones

My spouse and i. Introduction

1 ) 1 Interest Step as well as Attention Grabber

Did you know that China families don't say ‘I Love That you a to their family and friends?

1 . a couple of Involvement Step

I, personally a China, don't declare ‘I Appreciate You' to my parents in order to my littermates.

1 . three or more Indication Stage

Why carry out Chinese people don't state ‘I Take pleasure in You' to their loved ones? 2. Body

installment payments on your 1 Chinese parents are bad at conveying positive thoughts.

2 . 1 . 1 Parents don't compliment their children

2 . 1 . two Parents communicate their like through actions

2 . 2 China parents are used to educate their children with negative language.

installment payments on your 2 . one particular Parents will always reprimand their children

installment payments on your 2 . two Parents have high criteria with regard to youngsters

2 . 3 Using " 我喜歡你” instead of " 我愛你”

2 . three or more. 1 " 我愛你” is somewhat more of a straight-forward and strong signifier of commitment instead of affection 3. Conclusion

Chinese language parents no longer say ‘I Love You' to their children, but it doesn't mean that they don't love them. They demonstrate their like and affection through their actions.

several. 1 Offer

" Chinese families discover how to love increasingly. They do it through enormous generosity, unwavering loyalty, and lots of food. We love differently, not better, not more serious, but definitely different. ” - Cindy

3. 2 Challenge

I actually challenge every Chinese pupil in this class to start stating ‘I like you' to your parents once in a while, and break this tradition.



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