Response Composition to Islam in the Crusades

 Response Dissertation to Islam in the Crusades

Bart Brown


HIS 120-02

3 August 2011

The Book of Contemplation / Islam as well as the Crusades

By reading The Book of Contemplation I feel that the Franks are Substandard to the Muslims, in the eye of Usama Ibn Munqidh. Throughout the literary works when Usama refers to the Franks, a " may well God bane them” usually follows. Usama rarely outdoor sheds a positive lumination on the Franks' beliefs, actions, or practice of medicine.

The first illustration of Usama referencing the Franks was at the story " In the support of Lediglich Al-Din (Munqidh 43). ” In the story Usamas' along with possessions were being transported via Egypt to visit be with him. For the journey they were granted " safe passage” from the King of the Franks. Upon arriving to Desagradable, from Damietta, the Full of the Franks sent out a tiny boat to sink their ship. The King him self took because pillage anything that was in the ship (Munqidh 44).

In the chapter " Robber Stories: The Bandit al-Zamarrakal Belittles his Wounds” a thief plans to steal horses from several Franks (Munqidh 53). The moment Usama fantastic cousin Layth al-Dawla got into contact with the Robber and one more man they learned with the Thief's intentions. After learning the intentions of the Robber, Usama and al-Dawla rode off and set up camp for the night time. Upon arising the next morning they rode out on their very own horses to hold back for no matter the Franks were going to do. Then they came across the Thief, in whose leg and foot were covered with coagulated blood, who informed them showing how he had taken a equine, a safeguard, and a spear. The Franks had chased the Thief and wounded him with a spear to the thigh, which after the Robber made light of his wounds as they had occurred to someone else (Munqidh 54).

In the part " Jum'a al-Numayri Protects his Child from the Franks, ” Usama witnesses " the bravery of guys and their bravery in time of war…” (Munqidh 67). A grouping of ten Frankish horsemen acquired come to the gate of Shayzar, upon the gatekeeper telling the Franks where they were the...

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