Reaction to Triarchic Theory of Love In respect to Sternberg

 Reaction to Triarchic Theory of affection According to Sternberg Dissertation


Robert Sternberg a north american psychologist gave us the Triarchic Theory of Love. In which he displays us different components of like, namely: closeness, passion and decision/ determination. This theory shows that like can be recognized in terms of the three components, and so they can be viewed as building the triangular. Intimacy will act as the top vertex of the triangular, passion acts as the kept point with the triangle and decision/commitment acts as the right point of the triangular. According to Sternberg, intimacy is identifies the feeling of closeness, connectedness, and bondedness in supportive relationships. It can also be the feeling knowledgeable happiness while using loved one, excessive regard pertaining to the dearly loved, being able to rely on the loved one in times of need, mutual understanding with the dearly loved, sharing of one's self and one's belongings with the loved one, receipt of emotional support from the loved one, giving of psychological support for the loved one, close communication with all the loved one, and valuing the loved one in one's your life. The next aspect, passion identifies the travel that leads to romance, physical attraction and lust in relationships. This component enables people in a relationship to see passion and arousal. As for relationships which can be fueled by passion, which means the " arousal” attracted the in the relationship, it's the intimacy element that sustains the closeness in the marriage. And the previous component, decision/ commitment could be defined regarding the length of the relationship, in short term it can be thought as the decision all of us make to love somebody, whereas in long term it could be defined as the commitment to take care of that take pleasure in. If compared to temperatures, intimacy can viewed as the " warm” one, love as the " hot” one and decision/commitment because the " cold” one. In sum, all these 3 components are important in a adoring and strong relationship, with no other, the partnership may not last as long. REACTION:

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