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Presentation Act 09.08.2019
 Speech Work Essay

Presentation Act

By: Janice Widjajakusuma – 2013008114

Speech works is an utterance that has formative function in vocabulary and conversation. As what I have learned previously in class, there are apologize and complaint while example for speech functions. Below I will give another verb of speech works that people frequently use along with the definition and example therefore we can see the difference between each verb.

|Speech Acts Verb |Definition |Example | |Joke |Make humor; talk humorously or flippantly/jokily. |" Is actually okay, our company is not related, ” she joked. | |Persuade |cause someone to do something through reasoning or debate; to believe anything, |It had not been easy, but I confident him to complete the right factor. | | |especially after having a sustained effort; convince. | | |Convince |Cause someone to believe firmly in the truth of anything; persuade someone to do |She convinced my dad to open another branch in the city. | | |something. | | |Scare |Cause great dread or stress in; scare; become worried. |The rapid questions were designed to scare her into blurting out your truth. | |Blurt |Say something all of a sudden and without consideration. |She would not blurt away words the girl did not mean. | |Enlighten |Give somebody greater understanding and understanding about a subject or situation. |Christopher had not enlightened Frances as to all their relationship. | |Inspire |Fill someone together with the urge or ability to do ir think something, especially to do a thing |His interest for romantic literature inspired him to begin with writing. | | |creative. | | |Attribute |Regard something as being caused by something or someone; ascribed a work or renark to a |The building was attributed to Honest Llyod Wright. | | |particular publisher, artist, or speaker. | | |Credit |Publicly acknowledge someone as being a participant in the production of something published or |The screenplay is usually credited to 1 American and two Japanese people writers. | | |broadcast. | | |Request |Politely or technically ask for; pleasantly ask someone to do something. |The letter wanted him to report to New York immediately. | |Report |Give a voiced or drafted account of something that one has observed, observed, done, or perhaps |The tutor should survey on the kid's progress....

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