Physics Worksheet (Momentum)

 Physics Worksheet Momentum Article





1 . Calculate the momentum of your object in the event that:

(a)its mass is four. 0 kg and its velocity is almost 8. 0 ms-1

(b)its mass is 500 kg and its particular velocity is 3. zero kms-1

(c)a force of 20 In is placed on it for 6. 0 s and it moves via rest (d)its mass is 2 . zero kg and it falls from relax for twelve s (assuming g = 10 ms-1 or 15 Nkg-1).

2 . A car of 1200 kg is pushed along a level street by two men. In the event that they use a force of 800 And and frictional forces acting against options 560 D, calculate: (a)the work done by men they will push the vehicle for 12 m (b)the momentum obtained by the car if the men push intended for 10 h.

3. A railway pickup truck traveling along level track at on the lookout for ms-1 collides with, and becomes paired to, a stationary truck. Find the velocity of the together trucks soon after the collision if the standing truck includes a mass which can be: (a)equal for the mass of the moving truck

(b)twice the mass in the moving truck.

4. Two planes of the identical mass wage war head-on and turn into tangled in order that they move on with each other. If the search engines of equally were stopped at the moment of impact as well as the speeds with the planes at impact were 120 ms-1 and 200 ms-1, locate the joint velocity soon after collision.

a few. Two males of masses 45 kg and 60 kg sit facing one another on light frictionless trolleys holding the ends of any strong tight cord between them. The lighter boy tugs the wire and acquires a velocity of 2 ms-1. What is the original velocity of the other boy?

6th. To make a study course correction, a spaceship fire 5 kilogram of gasoline out of its rocket engines as hot fumes moving for 10000 ms-1. If the mass of the spacecraft is 20000 kg, calculate its modify of speed. Assume that the mass from the spaceship remains to be constant.

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