On the Dilemma of the Individual in Society in the Book the Moaping of Great deal 49

 On the Problem of the Man in Their particular in the Story the Moaping of Whole lot 49 Article

The Moaping of Great deal 49 simply by Thomas Pynchon is a rule of American postmodern literature. In this thesis, mcdougal firstly expounds the anguish of existence after evolving on the critical concept " existence precedes essence” in Sartrean existentialism, and then covers the anguish of meaninglessness and of indifference resulting from absence of essence plus the absurdity worldwide. Confronting concern, the protagonist is forced to analyze the state of her existence, hence realizing that this lady has to get rid of the health of lacking that means so as to accomplish authentic existence. In Sartrean existentialism, " free choice” is the requirement for choosing their state of existence. It truly is through " free choice” that the protagonist of The Crying and moping of Lot 49 selects to escape from your inauthentic presence and attempts to reconstruct a real self by simply breaking away from oppression, confinement and conformity of industrialized civilization, by which she wants to15325 find this is of living and live an authentic life. However , every one of the efforts manufactured by the protagonist finally result in failure, which in turn dashes her hope of reconstructing her identity. The loss of identity plunges the leading part into seclusion and despair. Meanwhile, the girl can no longer anticipate finding the meaning of existence. What she has to face is turmoil, disorder, emptiness and absurdity of presence. Based on these analysis, the author of the thesis draws the conclusion that The Crying and moping of Whole lot 49 gives a thorough event of the dilemma of the human being in modern society. 1 . Anguish of Lifestyle

" Existence precedes essence” may be the fundamental point of Sartrean existentialism. On this basis Sartre builds his theory of freedom. Man freedom is usually taken as the basic subject of existentialist philosophical analysis. According to Sartre, the human being does not have pre-established substance or characteristics that can determine what it is to become a real human being. There is no given rule that can confine humans. This standard thinking of existentialism reveals the unstable condition of individuals as well as the astonished feeling of human beings today in which within science, technology and society are major, especially after World War II. Being in a society whose expansion and alterations are quick and uncontrollable, people truly feel universally that the whole universe and the culture are ludicrous and aggressive, growing confused for loosing significance of life. Existentialism is a philosophy that attempts expounding this kind of situation, featuring a own unique theory. On the whole, Sartre's predication " living precedes essence” brings us to the critical stage where traditional truth all of us believed for a long period about living and essence collapse, which will forces us to reevaluate everything that we took for granted, subverts our preconceived ideas and shock absorbers us to a new understanding about existence. Jean-Paul Sartre, the most influential existentialist philosopher, has " probed in the meaning to be through the profound recess of man's stressed and restless soul” (Stumpf 476). Given that all the preconceived ideas and set up values happen to be subverted in Sartrean existentialism, there is nothing at all left for the human being to rely on to be able to exist in the world. However , this situation does not mean there is nothing guy can carry out to achieve his existence. Basically, according to Sartre, our can exist by choosing widely. In Sartrean existentialism flexibility is reasonless. It simply gets into into one's world regardless of he is prepared or not really. The absolute flexibility leaves gentleman in a suggest that he can whatever it takes and be anything to the level that this individual does not find out where to start or perhaps what to do. Getting faced with the absolute freedom, our encounters suffering when he sensory faculties that his choice " is initial and may not be justified by reasons” away from his personal choice (Yu 50). He may always get into upon " self-questioning about the rightness with the choice”...

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