Duty of Care Learning Disabilities

 Duty of Care Learning Disabilities Analysis Paper

Responsibility of Treatment

Q2. " Do you believe that the rns caring for Jeff fulfilled the duty of attention

that was payable him?

The NMC: The Code needs nurses and midwifes to take care of people because individuals. They have to treat these people kindly with consideration and respect all their dignity. They have to act as a great advocate for people in their attention and provide these support and information usage of health and sociable care requires.

I don't feel that Jeff was treated in this way. Relating to Jeff he was not given adequate facts regarding his health and treatment when he awoke form his operation. This kind of suggests that he was not cared for kindly or perhaps with consideration. It also suggest that he was certainly not treated while an individual as they felt that he was declined information due to he provides a learning impairment. He remarks in his notice of grievance that strangers in the bed next to him where given more information about his condition than he was. This is simply not protecting or respecting the individuals pride or confidentiality. It also demonstrates that Scott was discriminated against because of his learnig disabilities. The Code: tells us that nurses and midwifes should never discriminate by any means against persons in their care.

The Code shows all of us that nursing staff and midwifes must admiration people directly to confidentiality, it was shown in Scott's notice that this was not the case while the people inside the beds' subsequent to him where advised more regarding his condition and treatment than he was.

The Code also remarks that nursing staff and midwifes must ensure that people are knowledgeable about different services and support and are given usage of these. Because Scott says he was despondent after his mothers loss of life. Should the medical staff that had the work of attention over Jeff, provided services and support on the details that was given to them on his a sense of grief on the loss of his mother. They did not talk to him about it because they were doing not know what to say. In case the nursing staff did not discover how to...

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