Industry Survey of Traditional Health Drinks in Bangalore City

Market Survey of 23.08.2019
 Market Review of Classic Health Drinks in Bangalore City Article

Chapter 1

Exec Summary

Swasthya Food Products is a newly established firm which fundamentally deals with the processed health food products which can be related to wellness products. The company started business on Public-Private Partnership function with the Food handling business training product of the School of Farming Sciences, Bangalore. The company has launched three new products, namely Ragi malt with a brand of Magic malt, Swasthya Plus a wellness drink which suits for a lot of ages and Gold being unfaithful which is also a regular Health drink which gives a true desi flavor. All these three products solely contain different nutritious and sprouted cause. Swasthya business has also introduced Instant Health Drink Vending Machine.

Market research is imperative for a organization to know what kind of products or services will be profitable to introduce available in the market. Also with admiration to their existing goods in the market, good market research allows a company to be aware of if it continues to be able to meet customer demands and if any improvements need to be produced in the packaging, delivery or the item itself. This enables a company to formulate a viable marketing prepare or measure the success of its existing plan.

This current study entitled " Market Survey of Traditional Wellness Drinks in Bangalore Urban” was used for the summertime internship with the following targets.

• To analyze the market potential of Malt based classic health beverages

• To evaluate the consumer preference towards traditional health refreshments

• To evaluate the preference of the installation of health drink vending machine.

• To examine the consumer tendencies towards Swasthya foods business products

With growing health recognition, many individuals have become selective about their diet plan and there is a marked inclination for low calorie high protein food supplements. At the same time, poor people cannot afford costly strength food out there. Thus, we have a growing marketplace for good quality health meals if the prices are reasonable. In this regard classic health beverages like ragi malt, well being mix possess good scope in the market because of the better vitamins and minerals and low cost. This research is concentrated about classic health drinks like ragi malt, wellness mix…

The study was taken up in important targeted areas of Bangalore. During the analyze the researchers had conversation with retailers, consumers, top rated authorities of some main organizations and institutions like KSAMB, NABARD, BMTC, KSRTC, IRCTC, BEL, BHEL, Section of Culture and Section of Garden, etc…

The study was performed with the survey of retailers and consumers. The overall analyze revealed that among all traditional Overall health drinks distributed, Ragi malt accounted for optimum quantity accompanied by Health mixture, Dia combine, Ragi rich and others. This can be mainly because of the demand for Ragi malt is much higher than the ones from Health mix, Dia blend and others.

The result of the analysis revealed that RT nagar, Basavanagudi, Vasanthnagar, Sahakarnagar, Vijayanagar and Koramangala would be the main areas in which the merchandise types attentiveness is seen the in the same way the concentration is seen less in the areas of Mathikere, Sadashivnagar, Jayanagar and others Among the available merchandise type Ragi malt is definitely the major item type which is found more in the racks of full shops. Himmelsbrot (umgangssprachlich) is the leading ragi malt manufacturer in these locations.

The result likewise revealed that consumer awareness for the traditional drink is about 79 percent but the awareness regarding the brands is negligible. The intake percentage in the Traditional Health Drinks can be 71 percent, among them 80% of the intake is selfmade Traditional Well being Drinks like Ragimalt. The totally normal, Ginger and Vanilla are mainly preferred by simply all the age bracket of respondents.

The study as well deals with the survey about the preference for installation of the vending equipment by the private...

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