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Service fees Payment System of Red Link Institute of Science and Technology: A proposed analyze toward digital Payment System


Background in the Study


The technology today plays a vital role in our culture. It makes man job easier and fast. It lessens error of work by utilizing machines. This reduces costs to an firm from paper works up to digital working system. Many manual transactions could be computerized through the use of software applications or computer systems to make work simpler and efficient. It also allows human to solve and appreciate complex problem and examination such all of us the computational need of humans. Payroll is one of a complex transaction because it is a major business operation dealing with numerous accounts and produce a lot and private files. Making use of manual process on a Payroll transaction relating to the vast conquer answer in this problem will be computer mainly because computers can simulate substantial data and may process intricate transaction within a fast and efficient method. It can create numerous accounts and data accurately. A Computerized Transaction processing system will not only give accurate computation and fast process of Salaries transaction nonetheless it will secure data through security rendering and appropriately arrange documents provided by a well designed data source that will produce a paperless environment.

Statement of the Problems

The regular problem of the study can be how to increase the manual control system of monitoring of pupil fees repayment of The Reddish Link Institute of Scientific research and Technology. 1 . Time intensive process to get the payment

The Reddish Link Start of Scientific research and Technology still using the manual method of fees payment process. A lot of careers are assigned to the payroll maker and accounting attendant, with cause's inconvenience for their services. With this method, it will need more time and manpower to complete the payroll of each...

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