Living to the fullest

 Essay on Living life for the fullest

On Saturday July 2, 2010 I satisfy Tiffany a ten year old girl that has leukemia at St Jude Little one's Hospital. All of us started speaking and when the lady told me the lady had leukemia I was surprised how content she appeared, so I asked her how come she appears so happy when she knows this wounderful woman has a disease gowns life threatening, her response was " you merely live when and if a thing were to affect me the next day tomorrow I don't want to have any remorse " like I wish I did that” I wish to know that I actually lived my entire life to the maximum when it's time for me to look. ” The moment Tiffany informed me that it encouraged me since you don't know what the future retains. Although this kind of little girl choose to go through intense sessions of chemotherapy for some reason she continue to found the strength to effect other people who intend through the same thing, even though her appearance got changed significantly she nonetheless felt because beautiful jointly can be pertaining to the simple cause that the girl was still alive. The more all of us talked the more I learned about the story of her your life; I noticed that she was obviously a little girl with a big center even though she was clinically diagnosed when the lady was only 2 years outdated. She has practically been ill her expereince of living and still features such an optimistic outlook on life and wants to make a difference in other people's lives whom are going through what she has is by allowing them to know that they must stay positive and this is merely a lump in the road, and they still have their whole lives in front side of them. Once very long and strong years of chemotherapy Tiffany gets the call by her doctor that no person ever desires to get he admits that " I regret to tell you that even though overlooking the x-ray it seems that the malignancy has come back and is growing quicker than previously and I motivate you to spend as much time as you can with family and friends because at this point the time is known. ” After a month in the hospital one evening she determines to hope to goodness asking him to give her family strength because she knows her time has arrive, but she has okay...

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