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Langston Barnes 26.08.2019
 Langston Barnes Essay

Langston Barnes and Leonardo Da Vinci positive part of life Devante Gray

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My newspaper is about Langston Hughes and Leonardo De uma Vinci and how they have a result on their readers and their strengths on your life. Leonardo De uma Vinci came to be in 1452 in a city named Vinci in Italia. He was a renaissance artist and this individual painted realistically, he utilized light and dark colors in his works of art. In his art he painted figures with out outlining all of them. He applied a style called " chiaroscuro” and this individual used mild and darkness to give his pictures a 3-D effect. He decorated different types of moods in his paintings. Leonardo Ag Vinci most well-known painting was your Mona Lisa painting. He started the painting back in 1503. The painting was thought to be a lady name Mack Gherardini, wife of a Florentine cloth service provider name Francesco Del Giocondo. They also stated the reason for her smile was because she was pregnant. During the 1485 to 1490 Leonardo da Vinci was obviously a renaissance painter. The fight it out from his time held him busy painting photos and building and creating elaborate courtroom festivals. Using the to study things like nature, flying machines, angles, mechanics, city and county construction, and so forth In this time period most of his studies contained advanced guns such as a fish tank and other warfare vehicles. Among 1490 and 1495 this individual developed a report in carefully illustrated notebooks. His performed covered 4 main designs such as artwork, architecture, the elements of mechanics, and human anatomy. There was an invasion by French and Ludovico Sforza and that remaining Leonardo to find a new consumer. For the next sixteen years Leonardo worked and traveled through Italy for a number of employers. Leonardo was crucial because he developed ideas of inventions just like flying machines and underwater breathing products. He as well was specialized in fields just like arts mathematics science. He was an developer, artist, and scientist who have studied mother nature of the renaissance....

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