How to Write a 500 Word Essay If You Were Assigned This Task

500-word essay is a common assignment a student has to deal in college. Some students find this task entertaining and amusing, while for others it is a complete disaster. If you know the subject and you know how to formulate your opinion about it, it is easy to write a 500-word essay. However, there can be various reasons you can’t cope with this task, like:

  • A difficult topic.
  • Not an interesting theme.
  • You are very busy with other assignments.

If you’re experiencing one of these problems or there are some other issues on your way, it is useful to have a guide and some instructions on how to write a 500 word essay.

What Is a 500-Word Essay?

A 500-hundred word essay is a regular essay that consists of three parts and strives to give vivid descriptions, strong arguments, clear explanations, etc., depending on the kind of an essay.

This type of essay is formatted with Times New Roman 12. It should be typed and consist of 500 words, which is about a page and a half. Ask your instructor if you are allowed to go over the word count.

A 500 essay usually has three sections:

  • Introduction.
  • Main part.
  • Conclusion.

Each of these sections has a particular purpose. Thus, it is important to know what you need to cover there.


Introduction is the first part of an essay and is usually consists of 100 words. It is like a gateway that directs a reader into the essence of essay. Thus it should be inviting and interesting. This can be done by selecting an engaging aspect of the topic you need to write about. The main feature of the introduction is a thesis statement, which tells readers of what the essay is about.

Main Part

Usually it is the longest part of an essay and its main focus is to support the thesis statement. The main part should be about 300 words long. Make sure that your arguments are connected with the topic. Also, focus on supporting your argument with the content. Ensure that you have facts and authentic data to support your argument, which can be achieved by using various sources and citing them properly.


This is the section where you need to affirm your stance. Conclusion should be of approximately 100 words. A good conclusion should reassure the reader that the reading of the essay was important and relevant. You can start by restating the thesis statement. Then use a couple of supporting points, re-examine the relevance of the topic, and provide directions on the applicability of your argument.

Main Features of 500-Word Essay

  • Theme. Sometimes you might be assigned the subject, and sometimes you might be asked to think of it on your own. Choose the topic you like and write about it.
  • Format. Strictly follow the instructions on how to write a 500 word essay to receive a high grade.
  • Readers. Think about those who are going to read your paper and take the peculiarities of your audience into consideration.

Don’t ignore allegations and things that contradict your argument. You should mention other opinions as well and provide evidence against them.

Write one thought or idea in one paragraph when you are composing a 500-word essay. When you use the quotes always place them in quotation marks and provide accurate links to the sources you used, if you don’t want your paper to be considered plagiarized.

Main Mistake When Writing an Essay

When preparing a 500-word essay students don’t use enough facts and argumentation. It is faulty when you try to prove something without using actual evidence and facts. Try to find as much information as possible that can help you prove your point of view and convince others in the correction of your argument.

What Professors Don’t Like

  • If you can’t provide replies to their questions.
  • If you don’t organize your answer well.
  • If you use rhetoric material instead of arguments.
  • If you carelessly use facts and concrete data.
  • If your essay concentrates on a broad topic and is not based on analytical material.
  • If you provide others’ points of view and don’t express your own opinion.

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