How to Write a Descriptive Essay from Scratch

One of the crucial marks in preparation of a descriptive essay is to make audience see a picture in their head by engaging their senses – sight, smell, sound, touch, and taste. If you can evoke all of the five feelings in your audience, then your project can be regarded as successful. The base for the whole paper can be formed by the preparation procedure.

Things You Can Describe

You need to determine what exactly you wish to describe in your project:

  • A place.
  • A person.
  • A memory.
  • An object.
  • An experience.

You can provide a description of anything that was something you have perceived or experienced.

Selecting a Subject

After you think about the main to focus of your essay, formulate the subject. Your assignment is to transform your thoughts about the subject to the audience through an exposition of that topic. You need to show what you are attempting to characterize by drawing an image in readers’ mind.

The paper should be organized in a way that would assist your topic to be completely revealed. Description of various events should be represented in a chronological order. Begin in a general manner and end by giving more details about the event. In accordance with manuals about how to write a descriptive essay, introduction should establish the tone for the whole paper, so you need to indicate all the ideas you are going to describe.

List Details to Awake Every Feeling

Create five columns on a sheet of paper – each one is for one feeling. The columns will assist you organize your thoughts and describe your topic from the following perspectives:

  • Taste.
  • Touch.
  • Smell.
  • Sound.
  • Sight.

Write down a sensation or a feeling you associate with the subject in every bar of the table. Give details to prove the thesis statement. You can apply to personifications, metaphors, descriptive adjectives, and similes.

When the bars of the table are filled with various emotions and sensations, supplement details to support a thesis. Provide the most interesting facts and project it in every individual paragraph. Focus every paragraph on one particular sensation. They should refer to your introduction and thesis.

Craft a Thesis Statement

Thesis statement is an idea that will be standing out through your whole essay. It not only indicates the purpose of your essay, but also directs the way facts are presented. Thesis is placed in the paragraph of introduction.

Create an Outline of How to Write a Descriptive Essay

List all the details of what you are going to discuss in every paragraph when creating an outline. High school students are usually instructed to prepare a five-paragraph essay, while students of colleges have more freedom and can organize it the way they like. A five-paragraph essay consists of five common elements:

  • Paragraph of introduction with the thesis statement.
  • Main part with three paragraphs that provide evidence to the statement.
  • Summary.

The following questions will help you craft an outline:

  • What or who do you wish to give a description to?
  • Why are preparing an essay?
  • What are the characteristics you want to concentrate on?

When you prepare a descriptive essay you most likely have a reason for it. Understanding the reason can help you concentrate on the description and supplement a certain sensation or language to it.

Writing Summary

Summary gives conclusions to the entire paper. Reassert your thesis in the summary. Make sure to compose summary well, because this is the final sections your readers are going to read and it will make the greatest impression on them.

Revising Your Essay

It is recommended to take a break from preparation after you’re done with your paper. Clear your mind and have a brief rest. You can take a look at your essay later with fresh look and view it as for the first time.

Check whether you have provided enough descriptions and details, whether or not you have used words that convey your emotion, whether or not your paragraphs ordered the most effective way.

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