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E. R. Mangalam World College

South City-I, Gurgaon

Class-VIII Sub. -Chemistry (Chemical Effects of Electric Current)


Q. How come the bulb glows if the electric current goes through this? Ans. As a result of heating effect of current, the filament in the bulb gets heated to a high temperature and it starts off glowing. Queen. Write a short note on:

(a) LED

Ans. LED- Light Emitting Diodes are used for light.

There are two wires(called leads) attached to a LED. One business lead is longer than the other. Longer lead- connected to positive terminal of battery

Shorter lead- attached to negative fatal of power supply

Advantages above CFL- LEDs consumes much less electricity

•LEDs glow also in weak current

•CFL contain mercury which is harmful and hence CFLs require safe disposal

Cons over CFL- LEDs can be very expensive

Q. Ionic compounds will not conduct electricity in sturdy form however aqueous option conduct electrical power. Why? Or perhaps

Common sodium does not carry out electricity nevertheless aqueous option conduct electric power. Why? Ans. Ionic ingredients (e. g. - Prevalent salt) include strong electrostatic forces of attraction between their constituent ions. Hence ions are strongly kept and simply cannot move. Consequently , cannot execute electricity. Aqueous solution means solution prepared by dissolving in water. Water has a excessive dielectric constant(ability to display charges or ability to individual opposite ions in ionic compounds) and therefore diminish the attraction of the two contrary charges. Ions are now free to move and thus conduct electrical power.


Q. If the free ends of a tester are dipped into a remedy, the magnet needle displays deflection. Is it possible to explain the main reason? Ans. The magnetic or perhaps compass filling device shows deviation due to magnetic effect of electric current. This proves that the provided solution is actually a conducting solution as circuit is complete and current is going through the wire wrapped around magnetic compass resulting in deflection of magnetic...

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