Health and Interpersonal Care, Level 3, Device 3, P1

 Health and Interpersonal Care, Level 3, Unit 3, P1 Research Newspaper

Humaira Younas

Device 3 – P1

Understand potential problems in health and social care


The establishing I have selected is a open public park in which there are small children playing around whom are not however fully conscious of dangers that could be surrounding them or what harm they could cause. There could be elderly people out taking a walk or just enjoying the weather and having no clue of the danger they may perhaps be in. Right now there may also be pets running around readily inviting run away animals to ponder in, playing with the kids, chasing persons etc ... Presently there may also be other people lurking around who decide to get bad influences on younger children. Hazards:


Children can severely harm themselves in the event that they show up or trip on hard ground. It could vary from a bruise or cut into a severe head injury. They could fall over objects left on to the floor to litter box being thrown. The weather could also affect this kind of, as it may have been raining the afternoon before plus the grass may still be wet, which could cause the child to slip and land. This could likewise occur with adults or perhaps elderly as anyone is at risk of slip and fall. Regarding an older person they are more likely to break a bone as they are sluggish and their bones are frail. Adults could have more effects as they would have a longer length to land and will most likely include a bulkier weight.

Pets or animals

Wandering animals can be a large risk in front of large audiences in the recreation area as they can cause both physical and mental harm at the. g., dogs. They may damage children if the children are playing around and the doggie assumes this is a game and leaps on the child then your child could possibly be hurt. In the event the dog also begins running around and chasing the children then your children this could cause mental damage and scar the kid for life because they may right now develop a fear or terror. Older people could also be harmed because they may be just sat over a bench and a run away animal could just violently maul all of them. Another issue dogs can cause it simply by leaving all their faeces about the park. Harm from faeces is more prevalent in young children this is more than likely due to the fact that they can be less aware of correct hygiene procedure than older children or perhaps adults. Their immune system is usually weaker than that of adults, which sets them for more likelihood of developing an illness. Dog faeces are also a primary danger because they contain the eggs of the Toxocara Canis. This really is a roundworm which lives harmlessly in dogs but is dangerous for humans. A dog can pass 15, 000 ovum in just one gram of faeces. Every time a large number of ova hatch inside the body the larvae frequently lead to extreme fever and illness. This kind of happens because our body rejects these people and tries to pass them through the liver organ. However the biggest danger is that if a one larva invades one of the system's most delicate structures, like the retina, serious damage can occur, leading to severe visual disability or total blindness.

Fish pond

There is a large amount of danger associated with open normal water e. g., ponds. You will discover very common problems e. g., drowning. With children experimenting carelessly it is likely they will be pressing and shoving each other regarding which could result in a child getting pushed in to the pond and drowning. One other consequence will be the build up of bacteria that could soon become a breeding ground this is more likely with geese and ducks around since this is an invites for more hazardous bacteria to collect. Another hazard could be moving into the normal water which may be much deeper than anticipated. This hazard could arise with all age groups.

Bad Influences

Children get nasty behaviors very easily; they could opt for these up from teenagers in the recreation area. Some of these behaviors could incorporate smoking, execration and vandalising. Seeing older people take part in this sort of acts can influence your children into replicating these acts. This would associated with children action in a wrong way. That they could also share these fresh discoveries using their friends, this will likely...

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