Principles of Management

 Principles of Management Study Paper

Colbourne College or university

BA ciento tres Principles of Management


Value: 30% of course class

Due Date: March 15, 2013

You and your partners have decided to open a large full-service restaurant in the local community; it will be open coming from 7 a. m. to 10 s. m. to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each of you will be investing JA$1, 000, 000 inside the venture, and together you have secured a bank loan of JA$3, 000, 000 more to begin functions. You and your partners have little experience in managing a restaurant past serving meals or consuming in eating places, and you at this point face the task of selecting how you will take care of the cafe and what your respective tasks will be.


You are required to build a name to your business and offer a profile of the partners just before proceeding while using project.

You need to review a minimum of ten literatures including books, articles, papers and websites. These must be accurately referenced both in the in-text info and in the Reference Page using APA style of documentation. Do the following:

|Task |Description |Score | |1. |Develop a bureaucratic hierarchy. Make a decision what every partner's function in the cafe will be, for example , who will always be | | | |responsible for the essential departments and specific activities? |10 | |2. |There are just fourteen (14) Rules of Administration described by Henri Fayol. Outline clearly how at least 10 (10) of | | | |these fundamental truths could be applied to the business you have established. |20 | | | | | |3. |Outline the most...

Bibliography: |

BA 103 Guidelines of Managing

Group Presentation

Value: 10% of course class

Presentation Date: March twenty eight, 2013

Select an organization operating in Jamaica and discuss the subsequent:

1 . The relationship between motivation and performance. The organizational tactics used to stimulate its personnel.

2 . Exactly what the main obstacles to company change? What techniques have employment with this firm to overcome these road blocks?

For the above mentioned, be sure to apply theoretical framework in your discussions.

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