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Globalization of culture features negative effects that result in the mold of regional cultures as well as the loss of ethnical diversity on the globe.

Name: DENG Sili(Samuel)

Course: 5A EFS

Date: T9 2010

Cultural Globalization

Presently, cultural globalization has become a major trend of development, due to development of communication and technology; therefore lifestyle can be very easily communicated. With all the development of cultural globalization, the negative implications of the positive effect start to work out as planned. For example , quite a few local nationalities have been destroyed and the qualities of civilizations are disappearing. This essay will check out whether ethnical globalization may result in the mold of community cultures and destroys different local traditions, and will argue that cultural the positive effect brings abnormal negative outcomes such as the elevating of commercial value and the decrease of cultural variety, but it contributes to the development of travel and leisure and expresses cultural power, as well.

Probably the most negative effects is the fact because of the cultural globalization, it's likely to increase the amount of commercialization and ignore the people and relationship values. First of all, with the advancement globalization, every kind of advertising has been created; moreover pretty to watch advertising and marketing every day. It has become a desire of globalization which can be viewed everywhere in the universe, therefore using a growing amounts of advertisements arriving the globally markets (Akande, 2002). The commercialization starts to become a main value inside the society. Next, the lessening number of along with relationship values will result in excessive problems (Akande, 2002). For instance , the former beliefs could cause numerous positive aspects for culture, but now cash is likely to be the most notable level. Even though the economy can be developed, the pace of criminal offenses and many cultural problems will never be solved. In short,...

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