Girls Development

Girls Development 05.09.2019
 Women Creation Essay

omen's condition in Nepal is even more difficult compared to all their average scenario in the world. Despite positive and improving reviews in the situation, there is a long way to venture to really make them feel that they are not exploited and discriminated. The female literacy level of Nepal is about thirty five percent, in accordance to recent report, in comparison to male literacy rate of 63 percent. This vast difference is present not only in educational sector yet also in almost each sector. The training is the first step toward awareness and further development. If they are barred via education, there may be chance of discriminations being unreported forcing ladies to be quiet. The women in Nepal happen to be exploited in lots of aspects. Lovemaking abuse and girl trafficking still remains which demands adoption of immediate measures to prevent the problem from being more worsened. Most of the subjects of human trafficking in Nepal happen to be girls whom end up in the brothel of Indian urban centers. The female victims of domestic violence will be kept secret with the anxiety about losing cultural reputation specially to be averted form likely refusal from other male equivalent and there no clear law to deal with the situation.

In the remote villages of Nepal, women be careful almost everything coming from bringing up children, manage food, taking care of cattle, collecting fodder and fire wood to working in the fields. Despite their very own significant contribution in the along with society, they are mistreated and blamed to get minor faults.

The situation of Nepalese women seems to be improving in cities but the scene in the remote neighborhoods and hinterland is certainly not changing at all. They are the patient of religion, tradition and their male ‘guardians'. The Chaupadi program in european hill location of Nepal is yet to be seated out, the Kamlari program in Western world Terai is still allowing to trade innocent teenage girls to unidentified masters. The Muslim contemporary society of the country is still not awaken up to send all of their daughters at school, the drunken husband...

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