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 Gathering Marketing Intelligence Composition


- System Strategy – is a business overall philosophy of how marketing research projects go with its advertising plan. u Specifies the kinds of studies that are to be carried out and for what purposes. u " Should certainly we do marketing research? "

- Job Strategy – is the design of the individual advertising research studies which can be to be conducted. o Relates to how a particular study ought to be conducted. to " Now that we've went ahead with marketing exploration, how will need to we move forward? " -- Research Procedure – is the sequence of steps in the look and execution of a research study. o Periods in the study process (pg 36)

▪ 1 . Created the problem (pg 36)

• Only if the problem is identified can research be made to provide the needed information • Includes indicating the manager's decision difficulty and exploration problems • Each task should tie up back to the choice problem ▪ 2 . Determine research design (pg 37)

• Depends upon how much is find out about the problem • Exploratory Research

o Applied when the difficulty to be fixed is wide or vague o Very flexible

• Descriptive or perhaps casual Analysis

o Used when a issue is precisely developed o Certainly not flexible

o Focuses on describing a population, emphasizing the regularity with which a thing occurs u Uses tests to identify cause-effect relationships between variables o Referred to as " quantitative research" ▪ three or more. Determine info collection method (pg 37) • Extra Data

u Data which may have...

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