Reflection Paper about Old Man and the Sea

 Reflection Conventional paper on Old Man and the Sea

Inside the novel This Man as well as the Sea, Santiago, the main persona, faces challenges in his existence that can be linked to our own day-to-day lives. In this book, Santiago has to get over his age group, self- hesitation, and that which people believe. Santiago is a huge fisherman his whole life yet again he is becoming older and weaker, she has afraid that his ability to fish will certainly deteriorate. Fishing is Santiago's purpose anytime and once that's gone, exactly what is there to have for? From the old male's journey, there may be much to understand from and consider in your own lifestyle.

One life lesson you may make away from this book is to never give up. When you decide on an objective and how to obtain it, don't let anything stop you. Too often we come across people begin to pursue a target and give up because items got to hard or they let others or even themselves doubt these people. There will always be hurdles in our paths in life, thus its essential to stay solid and work our approach through every single problem. Give attention to your goal and what your planning to achieve and know it is going to all be worth while. Santiago understood that he previously to prove to the other fishermen and even more importantly himself that this individual wasn't carried out just yet and he had not been unlucky. Even though most importantly he needed to find out he we hadn't lost his purpose in life and the existence he when knew and loved was not slipping aside. He had to work through the vices of his age and injured hands and what individuals say and believe in himself. Another lessons you can take using this book is usually patient and respect. Santiago, although he was trying to kill the seafood, loved the marlin. This individual respected him and respected his power and determination to go on and keep swimming even though his foreseeable future looked grim. He also showed value for the ocean and showed the value of becoming a single with this and it's pets in order to appreciate it. Santiago also used patience because they are towed around by the marlin for a few days only waiting for this to possibly slowly pass away or surrender. Santiago will...

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