Factors Impacting on the Choice of Junk food Chain

 Factors Influencing the Choice of Junk food Chain Dissertation


This kind of study is definitely focuses on the preferences from the BSBA Advertising 3rd year students on how they're going to make a decision of what fast food cycle they will choose in terms of: Merchandise, Place, Value, Promotional Activities, and Support.

Sub trouble 1 . zero what is the demographic profile of the respondents? 1 . 1 Age

1 ) 2 Sexuality

Sub difficulty 2 . 0 in what fast food chain they will prefer to eat?

2 . one particular Jollibee

2 . two McDonalds

installment payments on your 3 Chowking

2 . 5 KFC

installment payments on your 5 Mang Inasal

installment payments on your 6 Greenwich

2 . several chic-boy

Sub problem three or more. 0 what factors that they can take look into choosing a junk food chain? a few. 1 item

3. 2 place

3. 3 price

3. some promotional actions

3. a few service


There is a relevance of knowing the factors in choosing a fast food chain of BSBA - MM third Year Students for them to have the ability to find the rightful retail outlet that will go well with their choices.


This analyze aimed to determine the elements affecting the preferences of BSBA-Marketing third year students in choosing a fast food string on picked area in Sta. Insieme. These research with benefits the following:

For the students:

So they can choose the right junk food chain that will fit to their references. To get the professor:

To have an idea on what factors affecting the tastes of the college student in deciding on a fast food cycle.


FAST FOOD CYCLE – a series of restaurants serving take out. ADVERTISING – the use of paid mass media by simply an determined sponsor, to deliver marketing communications to audience. ADVERTISING – the act of promoting.

CUSTOMERS – refers to a person that uses or make use of a commodity or perhaps service. VALUE - the...

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