Effect of Multimedia

Effect of Media 24.08.2019
 Effect of Media Research Paper

Many persons don't realize how much of an result media has on their your life until they take a step back and show. Sometimes persons get too concerned with the mass media and think that they need to be a part of what is shown. Various issues in the multimedia that have an influence on people, although body image, sex and assault illustrate the most influential to the people, in my opinion. Today, most teens look at magazines or watch television wishing they had what today's culture is portraying as the " excellent body”. Raising the standards of teens leaves them with the desire for an unrealistic body shape. If young adults see a magazine article about what the perfect body is, they will think that the only way to feel acknowledged is to get your body that is showed. This perception of seeking physical flawlessness can lead teenagers to develop anoresia or bulimia and even trigger suicide. In order to prevent this effect on young adults, the media doesn't have to constantly employ models with one particular body type. Furthermore, media offers praise to the people who may deserve that which causes impressionable teenagers to pursue deviant behavior. Tv shows revealing sex content in a mistaken feature, it describes the wrong graphic to teenagers. Televisions displays, such as 18 and Pregnant, convey the outrageous idea that making love and getting pregnant can lead to popularity. I do not think there is a way to reducing the quantity of sexual content material on TV, mainly because sex sells. To me, there is way it can be taken off television set, so which just a thing we're going to need to cope with. One of the most dangerous effect media has already established, on the general public, is the raising percentage of violence. Videos and video games that have assault in them give a lot of people a certain " high” in a manner that they want to possess a first-hand experience with the smoothness on the display screen. The violence in game titles is elevating because individuals are usually the games which have been the best-sellers. Having a mature rating on the video game rarely...

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