Easily Were a Millionaire

 If I Had been a Millionaire Essay

We frequently hear elderly people advising the young ones to forget the past, ignore the future and care for the present. But there is not much one who does not have any ambition for a higher status than the present one. This kind of constant have difficulties for a bigger position sticks to gentleman till the last day of his life. This is true of each human being from the man on the street to the the majority of celebrated types of the world. This kind of struggle, actually is essential for achieving the even more pious goals in life. My spouse and i belong to the center strata with the Indian world. I can never think of getting millions of rupees. But our god has his own ways. Who is aware of, I might earn a lotto! And if I ever win it, I am unable to say whether I would manage to enjoy it. Allow me to suppose that I actually am lucky to win a lotto of millions of rupees! My spouse and i shall try to spend it in the most judicious manner so that My spouse and i am able to derive optimum pleasure out of it. My friends suggest me that first of all, I ought to try to boost my home for that pet. I should have a big mansion to live in, a car to get the family and gadgets utilized in modern living. But my own concept of life is quite different. Rather than improving my own lot, My spouse and i am interested in uplifting the indegent masses of the region. India is a developing region. There are many persons in India who scarcely get two square meals a day. How could they benefit from the comfort and luxuries of lifestyle? They are badly fed and ill-clad. Numerous these people live in villages where main occupation is farming. In villages, the old bullock-carts are still used though the advanced countries have got adopted mechanical farming. My spouse and i shall offer them loans by a very nominal interest to be able to enable these to purchase tractors, fertilizers and better seeds. This plan would preserve the villagers from the wicked village cash lenders and would can also increase their gardening production levels. I shall invest a great portion of money in setting up a medical center with all the modern day facilities. My spouse and i shall also...

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