Disaster in Frankly county

 Disaster in Frankly region Essay

The role of the public health personnel and the auto industry health REGISTERED NURSE in a disaster: The major part of the public welfare personnel in a disaster is always to oversee safety in the community. There are plenty of needs from the community during a time of turmoil including getting together with basic endurance needs such as food, drinking water and protection. The public health personnel supervise the problems from start to finish. Some of the public health personnel included the fire key, emergency response and general public works safety officer. The role with the public health RN is flexible. The REGISTERED NURSE wears a large number of hats including being a person in the task push, collecting info and triaging imminent demands of the community members along with acting as a medical personnel to anyone in needs. An example the RN demonstrated was the gentleman in the disaster whom expressed concerned with his blood pressure. The RN immediately had taken the blood pressure and aimed the patient how to proceed next. Chain of Command word for Community Health Registered nurse:

The main leader was the Occurrence Commander, whom happened to be the fireplace chief. The first response to the emergency was very limited due to the massive harm the surprise caused. Most of the qualified staff was missing. The next best thing was going to delegate section chiefs based on skills/personalities. Every single person of the team's main function was to ensure safety among the list of community in one way yet another. The community well being nurse reported directly to the population health representative. Resources open to the Community Overall health Nurse to deal with situations away from nurse's scope of practice: As stated recently, the there was several professionals with one of a kind skills and knowledge. In the event that there was a situation outside the nurse's scope of practice, these were triaged towards the appropriate " team” by the nurse. For example , in the town hall meeting the nurse was asked what could be achieved to prevent foreseeable future flooding. This can be clearly out of your nurse's scope of practice so the girl delegated problem to be responded...

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