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Mr. Mouse

Mrs. Mouse

Girl Mouse

Young Son Mouse

Gossipy Girl Mouse 1

Gossipy Girl Mouse 2



Blowing wind


Setting: В A cardboard residence, a high wall, sunshine, and a cloud.


(two rodents enter)

Gossipy Girl Mouse button 1: В I heard that Mr. and Mrs. MouseВґs daughter is extremely beautiful.

Gossipy Girl Mouse button 2: В SheВґs the most beautiful young lady in the world!

Gossipy Girl Mouse 1: В Is it the case that every mouse button on earth wants to marry her?

Gossipy Woman Mouse 2: В Yes, it really is!

Gossipy Girl Mouse 1: В It's miserable thatВ her parents donВґt like any of which.

(They keep. В Mr. and Mrs. Mouse enter)

Mrs. Mouse button:  Who can we marry our daughter?  All of us don´t like anybody…nobody is the fact good for her!

Mr. Mouse button:  That´s proper. One mouse has a large tail…. one more doesn´t have teeth… one more is too excess fat. We can´t let her marry any of them.  They can be so unsightly!

Mrs. Mouse button: В She need to marry one of the most powerful on the globe.

Mr. Mouse button: В The most effective is the Sunshine!

(A cardboard boxes sun enters stage)

Mrs. Mouse: В (kindly)В Mr. Sun! В We have an attractive daughter. She actually is the lovliest girl in the world, and you are the most powerful. You deserve her!

Mr. Mouse and Mrs. Mouse: В We want one to marry her!

Sun: В IВґm not one of the most powerful. The most powerful may be the Cloud.

Mister. Mouse and Mrs. Mouse: В The Cloud?

Sun: В Yes. В The Cloud coversВ me.

(A cardboard cloud enters stage and covers the sun. В The sun disappears)

Mr. Mouse: В Hey, Cloud! We have viewed you weep a lot of times. Will you cry because you feel by itself?

Cloud: В No. В My spouse and i cry to ensure that plants can easily grow.

Mrs. Mouse: В You are the most effective, and you ought to have to get married to our daughter.

Mr. Mouse button: В SheВ is the most beautiful mouse that is known!

Cloud: В No, IВґm certainly not the most strong. The most highly effective is the breeze.

Mr. Mouse button and Mrs. Mouse: В The Wind?

Impair: В Yes. В The Wind produces me. (the whistling of the wind is usually heard)В Listen! in this article it comes! Oh, itВґs forcing me!

(A cardboar wind enters level. The cloud disappears. The wind walks surrounding the stage plus the miceВ comply with it)

Mister. and Mrs. Mouse: В Mr. Wind! Mr. Wind! Stop!

(The breeze stops blowing)

Wind: В What do you want. IВґm in a hurry!

Mister. Mouse: В Would you like to get married to our little girl? She is the most amazing mouse in the world!

Mrs. Mouse: В You are definitely the most powerful. You deserve her!

Wind: В I am certainly not the most effective. The most effective is the wall.

Mr. Mouse and Mrs. Mouse: В The wall?

Wind flow: В Yes. В The wall prevents me. В The wall membrane doesnВґt allow me to go through.

(The wind leaves stage whistling trying to damage the wall structure. Mr. and Mrs. Mouse button fall down because of the wind force).

Mr. Mouse: В (getting up)В We have to speak to the wall membrane.

Mr. Mouse: В Yes, we must!

(Mr. and Mrs. Mouse button approach the wall)

Mister. Mouse: В Mr. Wall! Mister. Wall!

Mrs. Mouse: В He doesnВґt listen to you. He's old and deaf.

Mr. and Mrs. Mouse: В Mr. Wall! Mister. wall!

Wall: В What!

Mister. Mouse: В (yelling)В Would you like to marry the most beautiful lady in the world?

Wall membrane: В That IВґm wrong? IВґm too outdated.

Mrs. В Mouse: В No! Simply no! В Would like to marry our daughter!

Wall structure: В Who, me personally? Why?

Mister. Mouse: В Because you would be the most powerful.

Wall membrane: В Me, one of the most powerful? Anordna, ha, ', ha! IВґm full of slots. The most highly effective is the mouse button who made them.

Mister. and Mrs. Mouse: В The Mouse?

(Mr. and Mr. Mouse look at each other and seem uncomfortable. A young young man mouse makes its way into from behind the wall)

Young youngster mouse: В You are the parents of the most fabulous girl in the world. I want to marry her. We have been in appreciate for a while.

Mr. Mouse button: В Oh, yet where will you live?

Youthful Boy Mouse button: In this old wall. I've bee building a house numerous rooms. Excellent living space, a dinning room, and a kitchen. It is very cozy.

Mr. Mouse button: В Yes! Yes! You will get married to our girl because you are...