Inconsistant Perspectives - Stolen by simply Jane Harrison

 Conflicting Points of views - Taken by Anne Harrison Essay

Stolen! What if you were ‘stolen' from your family… but the abductors thought they'd ‘rescued' you? The kidnapper/s then tried to brainwash one to make you like them and finally you started to be confused about the actual truth was … These are the conflicting perspectives i have experienced during my chosen textual content which is a level play known as ‘Stolen' authored by Jane Harrison. What makes this kind of text more frightening is the fact that the situation is genuine and that it happened in our own backyard (Australia) - and legally! A conflicting perspective is another point of view to the dominant popular perspective. The White Down under Policy was at conflict with Aboriginal households, needs, tradition and personality. ‘Stolen' footprints the lives of five Aboriginal children taken out of their families in the 1900's under the official Australian policy of ‘Assimilation'. It is very persuasive for the reason that it allows the reader to see with great empathy this kind of ‘alternate' perspective; through the use of a variety of dramatic techniques and Didactical theatre. Thieved presents varying perspectives and the positive and negative experiences from a few different people; most from the Taken Generation. Appears at the circumstance of their moments and locations and is associated with the various experiences with the thousands of thieved children, preventing their homogenous representation and stereotypes. The play is not set in actual real time and the personas do not truly interact, nevertheless this reveals their five similar nevertheless parallel societe in their trips and inconsistant perspectives. Out of the five key characters the best character just for this focus was Anne. Anne is a pale skinned kid who is implemented and grows up not knowing she is Aboriginal. The lady discovers her two inconsistant perspectives, her identity inside opposite civilizations, and is inside conflicted; torn between the two. In ‘ANNES'S SCENE' Anne addresses the audience directly with her inconsistant perspective when ever talking of...

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