Communication and Assessment Requirements

Communication and 09.08.2019
 Communication and Assessment Requirements Essay

Unit: CU680

Manage Personal Performance within a Business Environment

Learning Outcome 1: Understand how to prepare work and become accountable to others Score

Examination Criteria


1 . one particular

Outline rules, procedures codes of practice relevant to personal work 0

1 . two

Explain the objective of planning job, and staying accountable in front of large audiences for personal work zero

1 . several

Explain the idea and great things about agreeing realistic targets intended for work 0

1 . some

Explain tips on how to agree practical targets


1 . your five

Describe means of planning job to meet decided deadlines


1 . 6

Explain the goal of keeping other people informed about progress zero

1 . 7

Explain the reason and benefits associated with letting other folks know operate plans need to be changed zero

1 . 8

Describe types of problems that may arise during job


1 ) 9

Describe ways of seeking assistance with obtaining help to resolve problems 0

1 . 15

Explain the reason and great things about recognising and learning from mistakes

Learning End result 2: Learn how to behave in a way that supports effective working Report

Assessment Criteria


installment payments on your 1

Make clear the purpose and benefits of tallying and placing high requirements for own work 0

2 . 2

Describe techniques for setting substantial standards pertaining to work


2 . several

Explain the reason and benefits associated with taking on fresh challenges in the event that they come up 0

installment payments on your 4

Describe the purpose and benefits of adapting to change


2 . a few

Explain the reason and benefits associated with treating others with integrity, respect and consideration 0

2 . six

Explain so why own actions in the workplace is very important


2 . 7

Explain types of behaviour at your workplace that demonstrate honesty, respect and account and those which often not

Learning Outcome a few: Be able to plan and be in charge of own operate, supported by other folks Score

Analysis Criteria


3. one particular

Agree practical targets and achievable timescales for very own work 0

3. a couple of

Plan work tasks to make best use of own as well as available resources 0

several. 3

Verify effective working methods with others


3. four

Identify and report complications occurring in own function, using the support of other people when necessary zero

3. 5

Keep other people informed of progress


3. 6th

Complete job tasks to agreed deadlines or re-negotiate timescales and plans in good time 0

several. 7

Consider responsibility for own operate and recognize responsibility for virtually any mistakes manufactured 0

several. 8

Follow agreed job guidelines, types of procedures and, where needed, rules of practice

Learning Result 4: React in a way that supports effective working Score

Evaluation Criteria


4. you

Set excessive standards to get own job and show commitment to obtaining these criteria 0

4. 2

Accept to take on new challenge(s) if perhaps they occur


some. 3

Adapt to new ways of working


4. 4

Treat other folks with credibility, respect and consideration


4. your five

Help and support other people in work jobs

Unit: CU681

Improve Individual Performance within a Business Environment

Learning Outcome 1: Understand how to boost own overall performance Score

Analysis Criteria


1 . one particular

Explain the purpose and benefits associated with continuously bettering performance at the office 0

1 . 2

Clarify the purpose and benefits of stimulating and taking feedback by others zero

1 . 3

Explain how learning and development can easily improve own work, gain organisations, and identify profession options 0

1 . four

Describe likely career progression routes


1 . 5

Describe likely development chances

Learning Final result 2: Be able to improve personal performance using feedback Credit score

Assessment Criteria


installment payments on your 1

Encourage and acknowledge feedback from other people


2 . a couple of

Use opinions to consent ways to increase own overall performance in the workplace zero

2 . 3

Complete operate tasks, applying feedback presented, to improve efficiency

Learning End result 3: Be able to agree individual development requirements using a learning plan Report

Assessment Conditions


several. 1

Look into and consent where further more learning and development might improve personal work overall performance 0

3. 2

Verify learning program changes


3. 3

Follow a learning plan


3. 5...

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