Casablanca - a Feminist Perspective

 Casablanca - a Feminist Perspective Essay

The 1942 film Casablanca is not at all a feminist film, and neglects to concern the status quo in the roles of girls in movie theater, and in society, at the time. All personnel who also worked on the movie were men, as were the majority of the personas, save for Ilsa (portrayed by Ingrid Bergman), who little more than flutter her eyelashes. The female characters are typical but quietened, relegated to being girlfriends or wives and female friends whilst the males carry more respected occupational positions such as pub owner, cop, piano players… Also, all of the memorable lines of the motion picture (" Below is looking at you kid”, Louis, I think this can be the beginning of any beautiful friendship”, among others) belong to men characters. Females do not genuinely have a place whatsoever in the film, for example Yvonne, Rick's rapidly to be removed girlfriend, is given no say or control of what happens to her and is sent home within an early landscape. Captain Renault even remarks: " How extravagant you are, throwing out women like that. Someday they could be scarce. You know, now I believe I shall pay a call on Yvonne. Maybe obtain her on the rebound. Hmm? ”. This sort of banter, although playful for the surface, marks a profound undertone affecting the whole contemporary society depicted in Casablanca, and particularly the character of Captain Renault: one of near misogyny, in the event not simply a lack of respect for females. Captain Renault is a essential example of the characters that inhibit the 1940's: people that take zero care in hiding their particular ideal of male superiority, treating females like objects of sexual interest and not because equal people. The film doesn't by any means challenge this notion, rather using it like a sort of ‘running joke', not condemning Renault or any various other character for his or her behaviours. Females themselves inside the film as well accept their place in culture, to offer Ilsa " I won't cause you any risk. ” It appears they are part of a long history of inequality, and find out no cause of changing this. It's evident that most in the important...

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