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Pfizer Inc., a corporation structured and existing under the regulations of the Express of Delaware, HEREBY CERTIFIES AS FOLLOWS:

1 . The name of the company is Pfizer Inc. The name under which had originally been incorporated was Chas. Pfizer & Co., Inc. The date of filing the original License of Incorporation with the Secretary of Express was June 2, 1942.

2 . This kind of Restated License of Use was duly adopted relative to Section 245 of the Standard Corporation Law of Delaware.

3. This Restated License of Use only restates and integrates and does not further more amend the provisions of the Certificate of Incorporation while amended or perhaps supplemented heretofore and there is not any discrepancy between this Restated Certificate of Incorporation and the text with the Certificate of Incorporation because amended or supplemented heretofore.

4. The written text of the License of Incorporation as changed or supplemented heretofore is hereby restated without additional amendments or changes to go through as here set forth completely:

FIRST: The name of the Corporation is and will be Pfizer Inc. (hereinafter in this Restated Certificate of Incorporation called the " Corporation" ).

SECOND: The principal office and place of business with the Corporation inside the State of Delaware can be found at 1209 Orange Road, in the City of Wilmington, County of New Fort; and the brand and post office address with the registered agent of the Firm in the Condition of Delaware is The Company Trust Organization, 1209 Orange colored Street, in the City of Wilmington, County of recent Castle, Delaware.

THIRD: The nature of the business, or objects or perhaps purposes to get transacted, marketed.




With $2, 500 borrowed from Charles Pfizer's father, cousins Charles Pfizer andCharles Erhart, young entrepreneurs from Germany, open Charles Pfizer & Company as being a fine-chemicals business. A modest red-brick building in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, New York, is office, lab, factory, and warehouse. Their very own first product is a palatable form of santonin — an antiparasitic utilized to treat digestive tract worms, one common affliction in mid-19th 100 years America. Merging their abilities, Pfizer, a chemist, and Erhart, a confectioner, blend santonin with almond-toffee flavor and form it into a candy cone. The " new" santonin is an instant success and the company is launched.


The initial domestic creation of tartaric acid and cream of tartar, products vital for the food and chemical industries, is released by Pfizer.

As with regard to painkillers, preservatives, and disinfectants soars throughout the Civil Battle, Pfizer expands production of tartaric acid (used as a laxative and skin coolant) and cream of tartar (effective as both a diuretic and cleansing agent) as well as other vital drugs to help meet the needs of the Union Armed service. Among these are generally iodine, morphine, chloroform, camphor, and mercurials, which, additionally to medicinal applications, are used in the appearing field of photography, the newest medium professional photographer Mathew Brady employs to chronicle the Civil Battle.


The expansion propelled by the Civil War carries on and Pfizer's revenues double. The company now has a considerably increased products and one hundred and fifty new workers. To accommodate this growth, this buys and renovates a post-Revolutionary-era building at 81 Maiden Lane in New york and goes its head office there. The site carries the Pfizer brand for nearly a hundred years.


Employing imported concentrates of lemon and lime green, Pfizer starts manufacturing citric acid. Pfizer soon turns into America's...

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