Advantage and Disadvantage of Technology: a Amazing Development

 Advantage and Disadvantage of Technology: a Mind-Blowing Development Essay

The schools all of us described previously mentioned, one in Ok and two in Kentkucky, are not known to most Us citizens. And as innovative developments, they hardly make a ripple in the vast ocean that is the nation's public university system. But are harbingers of things to come.

Like so many other novelties that encompass us today, from iPods to Vimeo to Wikipedia, they are expression of a serious social force—the revolution in information technology—that while nonetheless in method, is quickly generating one of the important conversions in all of human history. Mainly because we are all enmeshed in this trend every day, the majority of us are obviously inclined to adopt it without any consideration as a regular part of existence, and to include a difficult period appreciating the enormity of its longer-term implications. But the fact of the matter is, it is radically changing our world.

The information wave has globalized the intercontinental economy, made communication and social networking—among anyone, anywhere—virtually instantaneous and costless, set vast storehouses of information and research attainable of everyone in the world, dramatically boosted the prospects of cooperation and group action, internationalized the civilizations of recently insulated countries, and in many other ways altered the fundamentals of human contemporary society. The new universities in Oklahoma and Kansas are an integral part of this all. They are one of the primary stirrings of a revolution in how kids can study and be well-informed.

The possibilities will be exciting—and incredible. Even today, with educational technology in its initial stages:

Curricula can be personalized to meet the training styles and life situations of person students, giving them productive alternatives to the monotonous standardization of traditional schooling. Education could be freed from geographic constraint: students and instructors do not have to meet up with in a building within a college within a area, but could be anywhere, performing their act on any time. College students can have an overabundance...

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