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Assessing a Underachieving Staff

B120 An intro to Business Studies


May 2013

Submitted by: Michelle Kenyon

Tutor: Nancy

Assessing a Underachieving Employee

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Assessing a Underachieving Staff

Executive Overview

This is a brief report about assessing an underachieving staff that I personally had to cope with. It talks about the problems that arose. I analysed these people and then implement a couple of alternatives.

Assessing a Underachieving Worker

The problems that arose

One of the most problematic job situation i personally encountered was using a work colleague who was a new lady doing work at the Supportive food group and the lady was underachieving. This pertains to the principles of book2, An introduction to human resource management running a business, session four Assessing and developing people at work. Once my function colleague first started operating at the Cooperative she was an excellent worker who gave 100% on a regular basis. She experienced worked in the Cooperative for only over two years and we had been in the process of thinking about promoting her via a customer services assistant to a supervisor. She started to make some mistakes at the peruse, our manager noticed cash shortages, absent transaction paperwork and mistakes on the lotto and paypoint terminals. Being a supervisor my personal manager said to screen the situation on the two week period and to take note of any errors or funds shortages and put the dates they occurred so that our manager can decide what the next alternative would be.

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Evaluating a Underachieving Employee

The analysis in the problems that arose.

I am using ideas from book 2, An intro to human resource management in business, treatment 4, evaluating and growing people at your workplace. These faults that my personal work friend were making could be going on for a number of causes. She could possibly be having economic difficulties therefore she has taken the money for this reason there are funds shortages, however that does not make clear why the other blunders have occurred within the lottery and paypoint ports and it's easy to jump to the wrong conclusion when ever analysing this. I believe the true secret to be regarding performance supervision as it claims in publication 2, session 4. 1, performance managing " making certain staff will be motivated”. I don't think the girl with motivated ever again, as when ever she is at the office she is caught on a checkout for lengthy periods of time. There is not any variety in her task role to keep her enthusiastic, and to be perfectly honest when various other members of staff are busy she does receive forgotten regarding and if the lady does not question the various other members of staff she'd not even obtain her fails as they just forget about her. Carrying out the same thing day time in time and outing can become a little monotonous. This is why her functionality has started to suffer since she feels deflated and demotivated. It is as though she has given up on this job and just appears because she gets to and she needs the money. Since it states in book a couple of, session four. 2 Examining performance " the person might lack direction or become working to less than full capacity”. Which in this situatio I believe being true. This will likely affect the way the business can be run if not dealt with as additional members of staff could start to the actual same. Consumers will not desire to shop generally there if the personnel don't present an interest. The standards that were once there will start to drop resulting in a unfavorable impact on the business enterprise.

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Assessing a Underachieving Employee

A solution towards the problems that took place

The first thing I would personally do is always to set up track of meetings with this operate colleague and our supervisor. This is a discussion about what is happening and it is...

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