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Assistance Learning 23.08.2019
 Service Learning Essay


There were our Services Learning at Barangay Onyx in the city of Manila. I was required to include 8 hours in doing our Service Learning. In this support learning We've learned a whole lot, experience new things, and realize that I can do something that I don't think that I can do it. The clean-up drive's mission involves cleaning the neighborhood or perhaps the whole barangay. One of the objectives is usually that the community (barangay) will have a clean destination to live in since technically that is the main aim of us washing their community. The community that individuals selected should never know that we could students of St . Scholastica's School manila. Were just generally there to clean the community and help them by doing one which we made a decision to do which can be the clean-up drive. Within our 1st day time there was unexpected incident that happened it was when the cleaning equipment's weren't enough pertaining to the several of us. Therefore , we chosen to buy generally there in the local market we can go. It had been nice to find the seven of us help each other out in cleaning the community mainly because that is the simply time you can all of us spending so much time to helping out the community to have a clean environment. We imply of having a clean environment is to decrease the waste that is triggered also by us your beings. We must learned to perform what is morally good which could benefit many people like throwing our own trashes in the right locations the waste bins and not just throw this anywhere it might cause pollution to us and it may well block drainage that may trigger floods. We must think prior to we take actions because we have to live in performing what is morally good and human beings must act appropriately based on the idea on what it is to be a human being. In doing the service learning, we may experience hardships in the beginning but when you realize that you've helped out lots of people because of what you've carried out you'll think this " self-fulfillment” that we are speaking about in our Beliefs class. Because I'm accomplishing this paper I will relate some of my...

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