Aquaponics in India

Aquaponics in India 24.08.2019
 Aquaponics in India Dissertation

Effect of Aquaponics system on yield of Polyhouse

cucumber (Multistar Variety)

Ranajeet Shanbhag, Vigyan Ashram, Pabal Dist. Pune, email-based: [email protected] com Abstract:

A Vigyan ashram, in India, is discovering aquaponics farming in Of india conditions primarily to increase productivity of farming per unit area of terrain with less water. A great experimental analyze was executed to study " Effect of Aquaponics on polyhouse cucumber cultivation” during February - May 2013 in Vigyan ashram, Pabal. Trial showed that aquaponics treatment produced 18. 25 %, even more yield more than control treatment. This was noticed that aquaponics treatment created higher average number of fruits per herb as compare to control plot. Fish development in the system was acceptable with 25 gm extra weight per month. This experiment revealed the potential of aquaponics system in India. In addition, it brings out even more research problems viz number of proper garden soil media in aquaponics, meeting nutrient deficiency from organic source, deciding water circulation rate several crops and so forth that need to work on. Key words: Aquponics, polyhouse cultivation, Ammonia(NH4), Nitrite(NO2), Nitrate(NO3). Introduction:

Aquaponics is, farming technique in which water by aquaculture can be used to grow crops and extra normal water returns returning to the fish tank. When this water distributed near main zone, nitrogen fixing bacteria (manly nitrosomonas and nitrobactor) convert freezing mixture (NH4) in to nitrite (NO2) and then to nitrate (NO3) form. By simply these, plant life get nutrition as fertilizer and nitrates been significantly less toxic to fish; fish grows much better than normal aqua farming. At this time integration of fish farming and culture, one can obtain maximum output.

Aquaponics pattern.

Research carried out at College or university of California showed that cucumber plants can be effectively adopted with aquaponics system. This is believed that forty five. 300 Kilogram (100 pound) of seafood will produce sufficient nitrogen for 4050 lettuce or perhaps 540 tomato plants when they are fed with 3 % of their body weight. (Richard Tysno, University of Florida – 2013).

Vigyan ashram has done several test trials in terrace garden by coupling it with aquarium program on small-scale (Photo attached) in 2011-12 ( ). These studies showed that vegetable like spinach, tomatos, brinjal (egg plant), and vine crops can be successfully grown in aquaponics program under American indian conditions in per unit area with less expenses on herb nutrients.

Aquaponics terrace gardening model

Farmers in Maharashtra state will be constructing plantation tank to maintain rain water, therefore it is thought of setting up an integrated model of farm reservoir and polyhouse farming. Target of examine:

1 . To evaluate feasibility of aquaponics (fish + plant production) in farm fish tank and polyhouse farming. 2 . To compare performance of crop of aquaponics system with control crop. Issue and Advancement:

Vigyan ashram has farm tank of 40 lac lit ability (55*30*5 meter), lined with plastic daily news to prevent percolation of normal water. This is believed that there are more than 35000 this sort of farm reservoirs in Maharashtra state to date. Rain water or perhaps excess normal water from normal water source is normally filled in this kind of farm reservoirs and can be employed for agriculture goal, in normal water deficient period. Following will be few difficulties with such farm tanks because –



It needs large region so area under plantation tanks cannot be used for farming purpose. Intended for small famers this is significant loss, because big part of their land become useless. As these farm tanks are lined with plastic paper, ammonia (NH4) and other salts contents in water raises, which restrictions fish farming with usual aquaculture program.

It is thought that all fish may be grown directly into such plantation tanks in conjunction with aquaponics program. To reduce freezing mixture generated in farm reservoir, water is supplied to vegetation in polyhouse. The excess normal water is

again collected and returned to farm container. Crop developing beds in polyhouse program will convert ammonia in nitrite /...



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