Acetaminophen: Crystal and Crude Product

 Acetaminophen: Amazingly and Crude Product Dissertation



p-aminophenol: 0. 150g

Weight of crude acetaminophen0. 122g

Weight of purified acetaminophen0. 060g

Pounds of crystallized acetaminophen0. 028g

Melting level range pertaining to dried primitive product 166. 8-167. 6В°C Melting stage range intended for final crystallized product 166. 1-169. 8В°C Melting stage range intended for pure Acetaminophen 169. 5-171В°C Results:

Following first solitude of elementary acetaminophen, 1 . 22g of sunshine, brown shiny, fine Crestline solid emulated, which exhibited slight lower than 0. 030g of merchandise was misplaced from initial 0. 150g of p-aminophenol. The shedding point variety of crude acetaminophen ranged from 166. 8-167. 6В°C, when beat the regarded melting stage of genuine acetaminophen which ranged from 169. 5-171В°C, is definitely slightly frustrated. After decolonization of primitive acetaminophen zero. 060g of the very lumination tan/pink nearly white, fine, shiny crystalline purified acetaminophen was reclaimed. Significant quantity was shed; slightly over half was lost by 0. 122g crude acetaminophen. Purified acetaminophen resulted in a much lighter pigmentation than the primitive acetaminophen. Filtered acetaminophen was slightly mild tan/pink almost white, although crude acetaminophen was light brown. After crystallization of acetaminophen, zero. 028g of whiter, sparkly, fine uric acid resulted without having apparent stench. Slightly less than half of merchandise was shed from zero. 060g filtered acetaminophen that was crystallized and about zero. 122g was lost in the original 0. 150g of p-aminophenol started with. The melting stage range of the crystallized acetaminophen (166. 1-169. 8 В°C when compared to the known melting point range of pure acetaminophen for 169. 5-171В°C is clearly depressed and elongated. 169. 5-171В°C


% yield of crude product:

x = 0. 207g crude acetaminophen

x 90 = 54.99. 7%

% yield of crystallized (final) product

by = zero. 207g elementary acetaminophen

x 100 = 13. 5%


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