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Patton-Fuller Community Hospital THIS Department

Patton-Fuller Community Clinic IT Office

In order for a business to be able to have an efficient and successful firm the proper Technology system (IT) must be in place, this doc will demonstrate what product is in place to ensure system is working successfully.

Patton-Fuller Community Hospital is a prominent hospital that is known for specializing in drug-store, radiology, medical procedures, and physical therapy. This community hospital offers numerous departments and each provides a different THIS need, and so understanding which in turn programs will continue to work and be compatible is their major aim. The people of Patton-Fuller Hospital will be accustomed to the product quality service the fact that hospital delivers with a focus on the different programs and solutions to help preserve a high level of concern due to the patients.

Patton-Fuller Community Hospital has an great quantity of technology and can be broken into many different areas providing an in-depth report on the improvements and shortfalls of firm. Understanding the OSI model is important to getting the correct IT program job completed, so understanding how to fit these ingredients together to form working system is what will end up being explained. The networking department has the concern of breaking down the current facilities to ensure a comprehensive analysis is carried out to provide a remedy that will last for the three to five years.

A major goal with the hospital is to protect the personal information from the patients who have fall under the guidelines of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Action (HIPAA). HIPAA requires the protection and confidential managing of safeguarded health information (" Health Insurance Moveability And Liability Act", В 2012). To make sure that specifications are meet, Patton-Fuller uses an encrypted storage program known as Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) (Apollo Group, 2011). According toВ " Encryption Algorithms" В (2012), Encryption is the technique of converting a plaintext communication into cipher text that can be decoded back in the original concept. An encryption algorithm and also a key is found in the security and decryption of data. There are several types of information encryptions which form the basis of network protection. Encryption techniques are based on prevent or stream ciphers.

The hospital transmits details off a network named 1000Base-T. The data is s i9000 broken down to other departments such as Radiology, which utilizes a section of this kind of network known as 1000BaseF. " 1000BASE-T is usually Gigabit Ethernet (1 gigabit is multitude of megabits every second) on copper cabling, using four pairs of Category your five unshielded garbled pair to realise the gigabit info rate. 1000BASE-T can be used in data centers for storage space switching, pertaining to uplinks coming from desktop computer changes, or right to the computer system for broadband applications (Apollo Group, 2011).

The nodes of the administrative function network employ CAT 6 cabling. The connection point with the administrative functions network are connected to an Ethernet backbone. An individual mode fibers cable, transmitting 1000 Base F, actually connects nodes attached to the clinical section. В The nodes mounted on the medical function portion is bodily linked simply by single method fiber wire and transmitting 1000 Foundation F. Equally segments hook up via a network bridge (Apollo Group, 2011).

A DHCP server provides all work stations on the management function groups with IP addresses. This is an excellent security practice to apply for the network black/white and color laser machines that start using a static IP, so the MAC address can be registered while using DHCP server to prevent malevolent activity that could harm the networks and the DHCP service is run using the Exchange Server located in the IT data center (Apollo Group, 2011).

The Radiology division has unique needs to be capable of manage pictures and store them. Digital Imaging and...

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